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2023 Year in Review: Design Lab

Madjax board members, staff, friends, and supporters at the Design Lab ribbon cutting ceremony
Madjax board members, staff, friends, and supporters at the Design Lab ribbon cutting ceremony

The Design Lab moved downstairs in 2023 after hiring our new Design Lab Manager, Andrew Arthur. The downstairs space is much larger and more accessible—allowing us to expand our community of makers and collaborate with workshop leaders to incorporate the use of our fabrication equipment in their projects. Prior to our grand reopening in June, we also acquired some new equipment and reworked most aspects of membership and training to accommodate all skill levels and provide a more valuable member experience.

We hired two new Lab Techs, Lena Reid and Braya Badger, to assist with workshops, equipment training, and project assistance for members. We also said goodbye to our Lab Tech Olivia Ward in August when she moved on to pursue a degree in Computer Engineering at Trine University. Our talented staff have been essential to our growth, sharing their diverse array of skills to inspire creative confidence and skill development within the community.

Beyond educating and enabling our members to explore their creativity, we have also extended our reach to include members of other local organizations. Youth field trips have allowed us to share our knowledge of digital fabrication and its potential career applications through collaboration with the Girl Scouts of Central Indiana, Muncie Parks and Recreation, and other organizations. We’ve also partnered with the Muncie Civic Theater, whose members have used our equipment to produce props and set design components for their productions.

We look forward to sharing our tools and knowledge with even more members of the community as we continue to grow. It’s been a bit of a renaissance year for the Design Lab, and we’re excited to continue our growth in 2024.

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