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2023 Maker in Residence Michael Pounds helps a student with a project





Theme: Inspiring Intersecting Ideas

Inspiration is the spark that ignites when the paths of curiosity and creativity intersect.

At Madjax we aim to create an environment where diverse perspectives, disciplines, and concepts converge to spark innovation and creativity. We believe that the magic of growth and connection happens best when intersecting ideas from various domains collide, intertwine, and merge. We foster an atmosphere of curiosity, where participants are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and explore new skills where their expertise intersects with others.


Through trainings, hands-on projects, and the development of our seasonal workshops we aim to nurture the creative process at these crossroads of ideas.We celebrate the diversity of knowledge, skills, and experiences that each individual brings to the table.  During the year-long fellowship, Makers in Residence will have the opportunity to participate in networking events, knowledge-sharing sessions, and mentorship opportunities to encourage fruitful exchanges. We will also provide access to cutting-edge tools, technologies, and resources through the Madjax Design Lab to support your creative journey.

Applications for the 2024 cohort are now closed.


Apply now to be a 2023 Fab Lab Fellow! Applications are due December 31, 2022.

A year-long fellowship for experienced maker industry professionals or higher education faculty to engage in applied research and community education with a focus on environmental justice. Fellows will develop and lead educational experiences that foster self-determined learning, support staff and makers in the Fab Lab, and create a Maker Force community benefit project.


  • Madjax Design Lab Membership

  • Maker Force Community Trainings and Networking

  • $4,000 stipend (3 payments upon completion of objectives)

  • Materials allowance


  • Development of 2-3 educational units

  • Facilitate 6-10 skill and educational based workshops in the Fab Lab

  • Communication and collaboration with Madjax staff, members, makers and community

  • Mentorship of Fab Lab staff and members

  • Maker Force community benefit project


  • Applications are open to any local community member who has maker-related expertise they would like to share. Previous makers include professional artists, classroom teachers, woodworkers, maker entrepreneurs, designers and many other curious minds from interdisciplinary fields. Priority will be given to makers who propose an application of skills that exemplify this year’s theme of “inspiring intersecting ideas”. Individuals who have previously served as a Maker in Residence are allowed to apply, but are encouraged to continue their creative journey as a Maker Mentor in the Design Lab.

  • Workshops are intended to provide participants with introductory exploration of a new skill, maker topic, or creative project. Workshops are typically 2–3 hours in length and can be held in one session or two consecutive sessions depending on the needs of the project. Makers in Residence should choose a topic in which they consider themselves to be an expert or at a high level of proficiency. The goal of each workshop is to share skills through hands-on learning and inspire a maker mindset (curiosity, connection, purpose). 


    Previous workshops have been designed to feature the interdisciplinary strengths of each Maker and have included topics such as sublimation printing, paper mache, ceramics, digital design, 3D printing, laser engraving, robotics, woodworking and more. Makers in Residence will have access to the equipment and resources available in the Madjax Design Lab, but are not required to utilize these tools. 

    Makers in Residence will work with the Madjax staff to choose and prepare for each seasonal workshop to find the right intersection of ideas that will amplify the strengths of the Maker, support the Madjax mission, and provide a quality learning experience for participants.

  • Makers in Residence will be expected to lead one workshop during each program season (Spring, Summer, and Fall). Workshop preparation will vary based on the topic chosen by the Maker. As a member of the Design Lab, Makers in Residence will have access to weekly trainings and preparation space based on the current hours of operation.


    The Maker in Residence cohort will meet as a group four times throughout the year (orientation and seasonal planning) with deadlines for seasonal project proposals as well as a prototype. These deadlines will coincide with the monthly Maker Meet Up networking sessions typically held on the second Thursday afternoon of each month.

  • Makers in Residence will have complimentary membership to the Madjax Design Lab as part of their year-long fellowship. The membership includes training fees. To learn more about the Design Lab and the resources provided, visit

  • October 15, 2023 – Applications are due

    October 16–26 – In-person interviews

    November 9 (evening) – Orientation dinner for the Maker in Residence cohort

    November 16 – Maker Meet Up: Networking and Design Lab mini projects 

    December 7 – Project proposals for the Spring session are due

    December 21 – Deadline to submit a prototype and final project description

    Spring workshops will be held late February–April.

    Summer workshops will be held June–July.

    Fall workshops will be held September–November.


Elevate your creativity, gain access to resources and training, and be part of an innovative community. Don't miss this chance to make your mark at the intersection of creativity and curiosity. Apply today!

Questions about the Maker in Residence program or application process? Contact Kyra Zylstra, Director of Initiatives and Partnerships, at

Applications for the 2024 cohort are now closed.

A year-long fellowship program for professional educators to collaborate, build skills, share tools, and inspire a maker mindset. Educators are leading community-based learning experiences that support their own professional development, are meaningful to students, and relevant to the local workforce. 


Have you heard these questions from your students? - “Why do I need to know this?” “When will I ever use this?”


Students have traditionally been trained as consumers of information.By changing the way we approach learning we can challenge our students to apply their knowledge with creative confidence and self agency to solve the challenges the world is facing. Using projects and information directly from our local workforce can create a shift toward learning as a maker, creator and producer that supports students to amplify the skills of the future.

I love having access to the newest technology so I can plan projects that I can then take back into my classroom.

Meghan Anacker  |  teacher at Alexandria-Monroe Jr/Sr High School and current Educator Maker in Residence


  • $2,500 Stipend

  • Explore a topic of your interest 

  • Maker Mindset training

  • 15 month commitment

  • Active collaborations with other educators, workforce partners and students to develop relevant, workforce-centered project based learning opportunities 

  • Apply your skills and curiosity to lead community-based workshops and a classroom-based capstone project

  • Mentor a student apprentice

  • Membership to the Madjax Design Lab, lending library of technological resources, and  funds to expand shared resources to enhance your project

  • ​$2500 Stipend 

  • PGP hours

  • Training in Maker Mindset approach

  • Membership to Madjax Design Lab

  • Access to lending library of equipment, technology and tools

  • Collaboration to help you explore new professional interests and practices

  • Connection to local industries to bring greater relevancy and real-life project based learning into your classroom

  • Opportunity to mentor a student apprentice outside of the classroom


Apply now to be a 2023 Educator Maker in Residence! Applications are due January 31, 2023.
  • ​Attendance at training and planning sessions

  • Collaborative planning with students, community and workforce representatives

  • Three community-based projects and one classroom-based project in a maker-focused topic based on your own interests

  • Quarterly team meetings



In partnership with


The maker is expected to use the Strategic Doing process that includes students, workforce and collaborator representatives to determine a Summer engagement event. This event may be a week-long “camp”, a workshop series, a club with regular meetings, or some other multi-phase interactive opportunity. This workshop may serve students, adults or retirees (or a combination), but should include at least 4 clearly defined units of 2 hours or more, be open for public enrollment, be housed at Madjax, serve a minimum of 15 participants, and fulfill the mission of the collaborating initiative. Enrollment and promotion should start no later than May 15.


The Fall and Spring workshops will build on the Summer Pathfinder project and serve as an opportunity to build on skills learned during the Summer workshop series or expand on new, related skills. Educators will be expected to host at least one workshop each semester of 1.5 hours or more, serving youth and/or adults in an interactive learning experience. The workshop proposal is due no later than August 15 and January 15 for enrollment and promotion.


Using skills, resources or processes that were learned or expanded during the residency, educators will design a capstone project, a PBL event, to implement in their professional classroom with current students. 

Educators will provide a written report on the classroom-implemented capstone project that may be completed in either the Fall or Spring semesters. This report will detail the curriculum developed for their classroom, and its impact on student learning. The capstone reports will be shared with future Eductors in Residence to help further the learning network.



A year-long residency providing a dedicated opportunity for makers, artists, entrepreneurs, and educators to explore new creative pursuits of their craft, learn and apply new skills in the Madjax Design Lab, collaborate across disciplines with other makers, and share their skills through public-engaging workshops and projects.

Through my workshops I get to share my woodworking skills with at-risk youth, people with special needs and the community in general. I never would have had this opportunity without Madjax.  Running these workshops and just rolling up my sleeves and helping where I can gives me a sense of being part of something that is bigger than all of us. These life opportunities have a big impact on my running my business in a way that I did not know was possible.

Tom Steiner  |  Tom Steiner, Owner of Wild Cricket Woodworking and current Maker in Residence


  • Madjax Design Lab Membership & Training ($470 value)

  • Free registration to Member events

  • $600 stipend (3 payments upon completion of objectives)

  • Materials allowance


  • Three seasonal workshops/projects

  • Active participation in Design Lab and Maker Force community activities

  • Completion of project planning and prototypes by due dates

  • Fab Lab activations: sublimation printing, laser engraving/cutting, 3D printing, etc 

  • Art instruction: painting, papercrafts, fiber arts, 

  • Skill development: human centered design thinking, coding, woodworking

Apply now to be a 2023 Maker in Residence! Applications are due December 31, 2022.

Jennifer Amos

Jennifer Amos
Maker in Residence

Spring 2024 Workshop: Custom Keepsake Boxes

Summer 2024 Workshop:

Fall 2024 Workshop:

Leon Crosby

Leon Crosby
Maker in Residence

Leon will be creating a community-based mural project over the coming year.



Eliza Guion

Eliza Guion
Maker in Residence

Spring 2024 Workshop: Nature Scene Sculptures

Summer 2024 Workshop:

Fall 2024 Workshop:

Sara Haney

Sara Haney
Maker in Residence

Spring 2024 Workshop: Polymer Clay Jewelry

Summer 2024 Workshop:

Fall 2024 Workshop:

Kevin Klinger

Kevin Klinger
Maker in Residence

Kevin will be completing a year-long project.



Erica Markley

Erica Markley
Maker in Residence

Spring 2024 Workshop: Intro to Stained Glass

Summer 2024 Workshop:

Fall 2024 Workshop:

Molly Schaller

Molly Schaller
Maker in Residence

Spring 2024 Workshop: Fanciful Fascinators

Summer 2024 Workshop:

Fall 2024 Workshop:


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