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We have options available for your meeting or class of up to 16 participants, along with a sound isolation booth for podcasts and recording. View our meeting room options below and schedule online.


Use our online scheduling system to book spaces at Madjax. The following options are available to book online:

  • CO:LAB Orange Meeting Room (Members* No Charge, Nonmembers $150)

  • CO:LAB Blue Meeting Room (Members* No Charge, Nonmembers $150)

  • Whisper Room Sound Isolation/Recording Booth (Members* No Charge)

*Madjax Members are defined as tenants/employees of tenants, CO:LAB members, and Design Lab members.

Please note the following: Nonmembers may book the meeting rooms Monday–Friday between the hours of 9 am–5 pm. Members may book outside of these hours. Our space is not suitable for large social events or parties; the meeting rooms are intended only for work-related gatherings.

You'll need to create a user account to book a space. If you're a Madjax member, please contact us after you've set up your account so that we can designate you as a member in our booking system. This will allow you to book a space at member rates and at times outside of the building's open hours. After you've set up your account, you'll be able to view and modify your bookings.

If you're a nonmember, you'll receive an invoice from us via email for the amount of your booking. Nonmember bookings are not considered final until the invoice is paid.

You'll need to book the CO:LAB Orange and Blue Meeting Rooms at least 24 hours in advance, and the Whisper Room at least 72 hours in advance. If you're a Madjax member and need to use the spaces on shorter notice, please see our administrative staff on the second floor during office hours or call 765-215-2725 (Mon–Fri from 9 am–5 pm).

If you have any difficulty creating an account or booking a space, please don't hesitate to contact us for help!



This room is great for brainstorming! You'll have access to a whiteboard and smart TV with Google Chromecast. You can also write on the glass table with dry-erase markers (provided). Videoconferencing participants will feel like they're in the room with you with our OWL 360° videoconferencing system.

Pricing: Nonmembers $150/day Seats up to 8 participants at the table or 16 total


  • Whiteboard

  • Glass table with dry-erase writing surface

  • Large-screen TV with Chromecast

  • Comcast high-speed wireless

  • OWL 360° videoconferencing system

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