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2023 Year in Review: Building Improvements

A mural with blue, red, and yellow curvy lines. Text reads "Don't wait, just make"
The new mural created by 2023 Maker in Residence Cara Bow at the Monroe St entrance

We would like to extend our gratitude to each one of you for contributing to a remarkable year. Significant transformations have taken place within and around Madjax, with even more on the horizon for 2024.

This autumn marked the realization of a long-awaited milestone—the meticulous repaving of our parking lots. The process, though a test of patience for us all, culminated in results that exceeded expectations. We express our heartfelt thanks to all our tenants and their patrons for their unwavering support and understanding during this period of enhancement.

Upon entering Madjax through our Monroe Street entrance, one is now greeted by the sight of a mural created by 2023 Maker in Residence Cara Bow and new glass garage doors and storefronts, offering a view into the Shipyard and our newly established Learning Lab. In addition to our internal upgrades, we are delighted to share that The Guardian Brewing Company has made significant enhancements to the courtyard, introducing outdoor seating options for our community to enjoy.

These improvements contribute to the overall ambiance of our building, providing a welcoming space for collaboration and relaxation. We look forward to continued growth, collaboration, and shared success.

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