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What Makes Madjax Programs so Unique?

A student looks on as Michael helps them connect wires during a recent workshop
Current Maker in Residence Michael Pounds helps a student wire an electronic synthesizer during an August 2023 workshop at Madjax.

In short, it’s the people! Madjax, the home of Muncie’s Maker Force, is thrilled to offer workshops and classes led by professional makers, artists, educators, and entrepreneurs. The Maker in Residence Fellowship at Madjax is an innovative initiative that invites talented individuals to immerse themselves in a year-long journey of connection, creation and inspiration. Makers are given the unique opportunity to not only showcase their skills but also to craft classes that highlight their interests and are deeply exciting to them. The fellowship is designed to provide a platform for makers to explore their creative potential, collaborate with fellow artists, and engage with the local community. It's a chance to dive deep into the creative process, experiment with ideas, and contribute to the vibrant and diverse ecosystem that Madjax embodies.

Our 2023 theme of Passionate Curiosity has taken us on a journey that has explored paper mache, laser cutting, sublimation printing, robotics, youtube content creation, ceramics, instrument creation, cyanotype sun printing, and much more! We would like to offer a huge THANK YOU to the 2023 Cohort of Makers in Residence and Educators in Residence:

Mary Arnett-Delaney

Amanda Atkins

Cara Bow

Brittany Ciempola

Tammeron JonesFrancis & Anna Francis

Aimee Maychack

Pat McCrory

Jenifer Pierce

Michael Pounds

Lena Reid

Molly Schaller

Betsy Weston

Registration is currently open for workshops led by these incredible makers! Visit for more information about their upcoming workshops.

We are also now accepting applications for the 2024 cohort of Makers in Residence until October 15. The 2024 theme of ”Inspiring Intersecting Ideas” is a call to makers of all disciplines willing to lead community workshops that allow you to showcase your skills, craft inspiring classes, and contribute to the growing culture of innovation at Madjax. Madjax is seeking a diverse set of makers who can bring interdisciplinary ideas to the forefront. The goal is to promote a rich tapestry of creativity, where makers collaborate and innovate at the intersection of various domains. This theme encourages a fusion of ideas, skills, and perspectives, ultimately fostering new and exciting ways to approach creative projects.

Details and application are available at

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