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Summer Workshops Offer Students Engaging STEAM-themed Experiences

Drones, dogs, design, and more! Students in grades 2–12 honed their problem-solving skills during six weeklong workshops designed and led by our Educator Makers in Residence. During the STEAM-themed workshops, students explored a variety of technologies, explored careers in tech and manufacturing, and participated in hands-on activities as part of a team.

Program offerings included Puppy Publications, Innovating with a Maker Mindset, Exploring Careers in Technology, ROBOBUSTERS Family Robot Camp, and Drones and AgTech. The workshop series is the result of a partnership between Purdue Polytechnic Anderson and Madjax Maker Force.

Special thanks to our community partners and sponsors: Mursix Corporation, Vancoe Agricultural Technologies, LeafTech Ag, Tribune Showprint, Roo’s Holistic Pet Supplies, DD Dannar, PhyXT Gears Robotics Team, Cesar Gellido, and our dog trainers and owners who assisted with Puppy Publications.

Read more about each workshop below, and look for upcoming programming by our Educator Makers in Residence this fall!

PUPPY PUBLICATIONS Educator: James Lodl, Delaware Community School Corporation

Students in Grades 2–5 practiced reading and writing skills in this hands-on family workshop series. Activities included an introduction to book binding with Tribune Showprint, creating an original story book with puppy pen pals, and reading time with with a real dog.


Educator: Meghan Anacker, Alexandria Community School Corporation

Students in Grades 7–12 learned about the different advanced manufacturing career opportunities while building relationships and learning new skills. They started the week by touring Mursix Corporation to see high technology and maker careers in action. They then used design software, 3D printers, laser cutters and a desktop waterjet in the Madjax Design Lab to create a working prototype of a toy.


Educator: Joshua Dillard, Anderson Community Schools

Apprentice Instructors: Ethan Shipley, Timothy Ziuchkovski, Brandon Peterson

Students in Grades 7–11 and their families received hands-on introduction to robotics and STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) education. Each family team built a bot for the Robobuster Tournament, participated in daily team challenges including a rocket launch, and built their own remote controlled bot to take home.


Educator: Jenifer Pierce, Muncie Community Schools

Students in Grades 5–8 used a maker mindset to work through the design process and create some awesome solutions for our community. During this camp session, students explored the fundamentals of robotics, circuits, and engineering thinking. They also created multiple "bots" to take home, and they learned about the exciting world of robotics competitions with FIRST Robotics Team 1720, the PhyXT Gears.


Educator: David Perrel, Anderson Community Schools

Students in Grades 6–9 got hands-on with drones as they explored how emerging technologies are being used to enhance agricultural production and practices. During this four-day camp students were introduced to drone operation and coding, created their own computerized personal garden box, visited the Vancoe Agricultural Technologies/LeafTech Ag IoT Smart Farm, and applied engineering and design skills to their own inventions.

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