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Member Spotlight: Mikey Skoglund

Updated: Apr 5, 2022

"Madjax has been a big part of my business's growth"
Mikey Skoglund of Orange Wave Media at MadJax

My name is Mikey Skoglund and I'm the founder of OrangeWave Creative Media which is a video production company that started back in 2010. For the first 11 years, I ran OrangeWave part-time and had another job doing media production for a church in Muncie. In the summer of 2021, OrangeWave grew to the point where I was able to transition to running my business full-time. MadJax has been a big part of my business's growth as I've connected with people who are in similar situations to me, and I've been able to learn a lot from them about getting new clients and running a business. MadJax is also the perfect space for me as I have recently moved into a larger office in the Firefly area upstairs and MadJax let me use some space to build out a video studio. If you're ever around MadJax come up and say hello!

Mikey Skoglund, Owner

Madjax Office Tenant

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