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Updated: Apr 21, 2023

This introduction to building stringed instruments guides participants in the creation of their own one-stringed “diddley bow” instrument using a wooden neck and an Altoids tin resonator. The diddley bow style can be traced back to West African origins brought to America by African slaves, later inspiring the origins of the Blues movement.

We will also explore the basics of playing with a slide, and design variations for building more advanced instruments. You will leave inspired and equipped with skills to continue your making journey with further instruments on your own, exploring different designs and aesthetic choices.

Instructor: Michael Pounds

Dates: Saturday, May 20 | 10 am–1 pm

Recommended ages: 16 through adult

Ages 10–15 may accompany a registered adult

Cost: $15

Scholarships are available to any individuals or families with a demonstrated need. Email Kyra Zylstra, Director of Initiatives and Partnerships, at

We have gift certificates available! Give the gift of a fun learning experience at Madjax to a friend or loved one. Click here to purchase a gift certificate.


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