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Molly Schaller

Molly Schaller

Maker in Residence

Molly Schaller is a craftivist, mixed-media artist, and transmedia storyteller with experience in community engagement, design thinking, creative placemaking, jewelry design, 3D artifacts, geocaching, and fiber work. She currently works in the craft industry as a user experience designer and researcher. 

Molly has a passion for creating and storytelling in ways that are unexpected and capture the imagination. She recently finished her graduate degree in Emerging Media Design and Development. She enjoys using the skills she learned there, such as design thinking sessions, to create meaningful experiences that connect stories with objects to empower people and help them better understand themselves and their communities. 

Molly is passionate about making as a form of self-exploration and self-care as well as an exploration of one’s environment and community. She is thrilled to continue to expand on her research and projects from graduate school here in the Muncie community at Madjax as a Maker-In-Residence during 2023.

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